About us

The Leather Heart Foundation is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization established in 2009.
Our mission is to provide charitable assistance in times of financial hardship to individuals of all sexual orientations, across the U.S., who are members of the Leather, BDSM, M/s, Rubber and other fetish / kink communities.

How we help

Emergency Assistance

The Foundation may provide financial assistance to members of our communities in times of hardship. These may include: uninsured health expenses, loss of employment (accident or illness), and financial hardships for other reasons. At this time, funds cannot be dispersed for non-hardship expenses such as post-secondary education, business startup expenses, etc.

Other Hardships

The Disaster Relief Fund, established by our Board of Directors in 2014, assists individuals affected by natural disasters. The Foundation may also provide financial assistance to other organizations that provide charitable or educational benefits to our communities.

What we stand for

We stand behind our communities and exist to serve our communities. We believe in transparency in all matters. Our books, minutes and corporate documents are available upon request. All disbursed funds and grants are approved by the Board of Directors. LHF never disperses funds to individuals. All funds are sent directly to business creditors. Personal loans cannot be paid with funds from LHF.

Your Privacy Matters

Your privacy matters to us. The Leather Heart Foundation maintains strict confidentiality requirements and practices throughout the application, verification, and assistance processes in order to protect the privacy of its applicants.

Our Community


LHF would like to thank the following groups, businesses and organizations for their generous support: