About us

The Leather Heart Foundation was founded in 2009 in Philadelphia, PA. We started as a word of mouth organization serving mainly the NE, and today we are a national Foundation serving all 50 States in the US.
We are made up of many volunteers, including a Board of Directors, Officers, and several Staff members. Our Staff and volunteers are scattered across the country, from Atlanta to San Diego to Asbury Park.

We are the only national organization of our kind: an organization of, by and for kinksters and leather folk whose sole purpose is to help our brothers sisters who are experiencing financial hardship.

How we help

Financial Hardship Assistance
The Leather Heart Foundation provides financial assistance to members of our kinky communities in financial hardship due to situations like uninsured health expenses, loss of employment, roommates who move, and other similar reasons. At this time, funds cannot be disbursed for non-hardship expenses such as post-secondary education, business startup expenses, etc.

Other Hardships
The Disaster Relief Fund, established by our Board of Directors in 2014, assists those of us affected by natural disasters and hate-crimes committed against the community.

What we stand for

We stand behind our communities and exist to serve our communities
We recognize that the kinky community we serve is actually many diverse communities that make up the larger "kinky community," often referred to under the umbrella term "Leather."

We do not have to huddle under one flag, one set of colors, one name.
We want to be very clear that to volunteer, donate, or apply, you don't have to be "Leather" at all; you just have to be "one of us" - and that is a person, 18 years of age or older who is a member of one (or more) of the many kinky alt.sex communities.

Your Privacy Matters

Your privacy matters to us. The Leather Heart Foundation maintains strict confidentiality requirements and practices throughout the application, verification, and assistance processes in order to protect the privacy of its applicants.
Our Community


LHF would like to thank the following groups, businesses and organizations for their generous support: